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Nicholas Brand 

The Nicholas Brand

Classical Guitar Studio


Streatley, Berks

Telephone 01491 875215

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Almost all of us harbour the desire and have the ability to make music, but for one reason or another we do little or nothing about it. Often it is because some person has erroneously told us that we are tone deaf or have no sense of rhythm or we simply have not had access to an instrument which satisfies our creativity. The Classical Guitar enjoys the unique capabilities of being able to generate the most beautiful sounds to satisfy both player and listener, in a completely self contained manner not only providing the Melody, but also the Accompaniment and Rhythm.

It is therefore a more than viable alternative instrument to the piano for learning the theory and practice of music without the encumbrances of size, weight and capital cost. It does not take up a great deal of space and is easily portable. The music is directly  produced by the performer so that he or she is in complete control of the end result and is not reliant upon an intermediate mechanism to produce the sounds. It also has a wide range of tonal colour which facilitates the player in self expression and interpretation.


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