Guitar Teacher

             Nicholas Brand

Your Choice of Instrument will depend on the size of your pocket and the level at which you play.

For absolute beginners there are many instruments available at between £65  and £650.

As you progress you will find that you need a guitar which responds to your abilities. The very finest hand built concert instruments costing between £4000 and £20,000 plus, depending on the timbers used, the reputation of the maker,  who owned it previously and it’s condition.


In any event, I am happy to give objective and independent advice if you wish.

You do not need an adjustable music stool unless you want to indulge yourself. An upright dining chair with no arms, will suffice.


You do need however, a method of elevating the guitar on the left side. There are several options, two of which are illustrated above. On the left is a bracket which attaches to the underside of the guitar resting on the left thigh. On the right, is a guitarist’s adjustable footstool. These are available at most good musical instrument shops and are priced at around £10.

Above is an electronic metronome. This instrument of torture is necessary to train oneself to maintain a regular rhythmic pulse. There are a number of different types available some of which incorporate an electronic tuner.

A guitar stand is not absolutely necessary, merely a convenience. It also acts as a reminder to practise as the instrument sits there beckoning you to play it.

A folding music stand is an essential, available at most instrument shops at around £14.

The tuning fork E 329.6Mz is used to check the pitch of the open first string Note “E”. Although electronic tuning devices can be     purchased it is important to learn to tune by ear at the early stages so that your awareness of pitch is trained.